Cogniko is an analytics and digital intelligence firm. We are a market leader in the delivery of marketing analytics, research, and strategic advisory to leading institutions in Africa and developed markets. Our mission is to empower clients with marketing intelligence and actionable insights towards generating measurable business impact.

At Cogniko, we understand that our clients face progressively complex marketing environment. Channels have become fragmented, consumers more elusive and powerful, marketing budgets are shrinking yet marketers are being asked to do more, and management is demanding more measureable marketing impact. To help our clients achieve marketing effectiveness in this new reality, we provide timely marketing metrics and data, we reveal the link between marketing activities and consumer behavior, and we provide practical consultation that deliver measureable business results.

We are trusted partners to marketers, strategists and planners, agencies, and institutional researchers. Our client base span Financial services, Telecommunications, Retail, FMCG (CPG), and Healthcare.

What Sets Us Apart

Premier marketing effectiveness advisory services anchored on data, analytics, and digital intelligence

Own the largest and highest quality research panel on African consumers as well as African residents in the UK and USA

Fastest growing digital collection of original, high quality digital intelligence reports in Nigeria

The first online subscription database on media behavior, brand preference, and attitudes of young adults 18-24 (cPOD18-24TM)

Own the widest array of proprietary tools such as DIGITS6TM, FIELDPANELSTM, ACTIVEPULSETM, OPINIONSPROTM, SPLITTSTM, FALLCASTTM, LIFTTSTM, and CoMPSTM that enable access to the data and intelligence to power marketing effectiveness



Looking for ways to ensure your marketing investment deliver an incremental return on investment? We apply rigorous quantitative methods that ensure marketing effectiveness and success.


Exploring how you can obtain valid consumer insights and market intelligence to drive profitable growth? We provide timely data and insights that enhance your marketing strategy and planning decisions.


Seeking collaboration with subject matter experts to ensure your marketing strategy and plan can deliver the intended business outcomes? Our experts deliver practical advice and training.


Campaign Reporting, Analysis, and Optimization

Social Media Analytics and Profiling

Customer Segmentation and Targeting

Marketing Budget Allocation and Planning


Syndicated and Proprietary Field Research

Online Panel Research Services

Consumer Intelligence Data Subscription

Website Intercept Studies


Go-to-Market Strategy and Planning

Digital and Relationship Management (RM) Strategy and Planning

Executive Education and Exchange

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