Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention through Employee Engagement

A lot of attention is paid to marketing strategies, channels, and tools with little consideration given to the “front-liners” or the human aspect. This has led to many campaign failures and much financial waste. Pay attention to those responsible for execution and see your acquisitions and retention grow. Continue reading

Using Social Media Data to Anticipate Crisis

Unexpected crisis can be devastating for organizations; it could take years for some to recover while some others may never bounce back. Forward thinking organizations must begin to leverage ample social data/information that is available online to develop a pre-emptive crises management plan that can effectively predict, manage and control crisis situations. Continue reading

Adoption of digital technology yields a win-win for marketers and customers

The rise of digital technology has provided brands with the opportunity to deliver products and services efficiently and improve convenience for their customers. But brands have to adapt to this development correctly in order to enjoy its benefits. Continue reading